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Trailer Stabilizing Jacks| A Dock Safety Hero

February 18, 2019  |  Comments

Loading Dock Safety is very important. With so much happening on a typical loading dock, it is unfortunately very easy for somebody to get hurt without proper attention to safety and loading dock safety tools. With proper use of a trailer stabilizing jack, our customers prevent accidents.


What happens if you try loading and unloading trailers without a jack?  Customers run a large change of upending semi-trailers. This is both unsafe and costly.  This is why trailer stabilizing jacks are necessary. When using a trailer stabilizing jack it is also important to use it correctly. The product will be useless if not used or used incorrectly. You should always be careful when operating heavy machinery!


                Learn more about some of our trailer stabilizing jacks. We currently offer five different kinds of stabilizing jacks including our Lo J, Big Foot, Spin Top, Standard, and economical trailer stabilizing jacks. Our standard trailer stabilizing jack levels trailers parked on sloped ground and prevents landing gear from sinking into a soft surface. It features a removable pipe handle for quick 39 ½” to 51” height adjustment.  Product also permits works to stay upright while operating. Stabilizing jack also meets OSHA requirements and has  an overall capacity of 100,000 pounds and a lifting capacity of 40,000 pounds. It features a 14” base and a 7 ¾” top cap. It accommodates up to a 9 degree tilt off level and rolls on heavy duty 8” solid rubber transport wheels. Stabilizing jack is made with steel construction.


                Be safe and order a trailer stabilizing jack today. You will not regret it!


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