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Trough Conveyors | In Stock At A Plus Warehouse

October 2, 2012  |  Comments


Trough Conveyors by Roach are always in stock and fill a very significan nich in the conveyorspace.  A trough bed conveyor is a powered conveyor with built in guardrails making a trough.  Since the rails are integral to the frame , there is no gap.

Trough Conveyors

Roach Conveyors are made to order in Arkansas , but they offer one very important feature.  The VAST majority of Roach Conveyors including the trough conveyor ship in 24 hours!  The fulfillment system is quite amazing.  Roach stock thousands of standard components - not on a just in time basis , but rather on the old fashioned 'Always Available' basis.  Of course this drives up assets employed , but also drives up sales since customers want shipments now , and not soon!

All orders that are in befor noon are placed for production in the factory , and the conveyor 'elves' assemble the stock parts to ship the conveyor the next afternoon.  When ordering conveyors from A Plus Warehouse , there is no time for customers to change their minds.  An order placed by noon will typically ship the next day - even orders over $30,000 !

Whatever your conveyor needs , please count on A Plus Warehouse for the service you deserve!

The button below will allow you to download our conveyors buying guide free of charge.  I am also including a link to our expandable conveyors video - it is entertaining and informative.


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