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U.S. Army Acquires Heavy Duty Pallet Racks for Logistics Support in Iraq

March 7, 2007  |  Comments

The United States Army have determined that A Plus Warehouse's heavy duty bulk racks can economically support the weight of tank and jet engines needed to support the war effort in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Heavy duty pallet shelving racks are commonly used in many factories and warehouses in the United States and have the capacity to safely secure equipment weighing up to 24,000 pounds per upright and 6,000 pounds per pair of beams. Each structural pallet rack has an upright capacity up to 45,000 pounds and beam capacity up to 15,000 pounds. 

These A Plus Warehouse steel shelving pallet racks are pre-configured and very mobile which saves assemblers valuable time and effort in setup and breakdown. They come with or without wire decking. 

A standard rack bay with three beam storage shelving levels includes two uprights and three beam sets with simple bolt assembly construction for maximum durability, easy installation and long stability. 

These racks are large enough to handle any size job. They are designed for heavy duty storage and provide better load bearing and safety characteristics than standard pallet racks. 

The beams are profiled sections with quadruple flange thickness at points of maximum stress for high loading capability. The grooves on top of the beams are used to locate modular heavy duty steel shelving panels. They are made from prime hot dipped, zinc-coated steel that guarantees the highest durability. The beam levels are adjustable every 100 mm, allowing for the maximum use of space. 

The frames are made from prime quality, certified, high tensile hot dipped galvanized steel. The strong and solid structure of the upright frames are constructed to withstand bucking and torsion, massive vibrations and earthquakes. 

A Plus Warehouse heavy duty pallet racking is R-Mark Certified representing USP's compliance with the latest design, safety and international standards established by the Rack Manufacturers Institute for industrial and military steel storage. 

To learn more about heavy duty pallet racks, call A Plus Warehouse today at 800-209-8798 or visit

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