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Wall Cabinets | Get Your Back Up Off The Wall

December 17, 2012  |  Comments


Wall Cabinets are the often ignored step sister if industrial storage cabinets.Wall cabinets are dainty little storage units measuring less than 2 feet deep and really short and narrow.  Not much fits into a wall cabinet versus the amazing capacity of a BigBlue cabinet that can be 72 inches wide x 36 unches seep and 78 inches high - with capacity over 1000 pounds per shelf.

Wall Cabinets

If you look to the right you will see some of our more popular wall cabinets. Although they are small , they serve a real purpose! The wall behing a work bench is typically lost space.  Think of all the lost storage in a facility with 50 work benches! By utilizing wall cabinets , customers can store basic work area supplies worry free right at a work station without crowding the work area!

Remember that your friends at A Plus Warehouse supply wall cabinets as well as storage cabinets , so whatever the requirement , we have the source.  Wall cabinets are items used to supplement the heavy lifting done by industrial storage cabinets - but when 50 work areas are involved , the total effect of wall cabinets can no longer be ignored.

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