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Warehouse Shelving | Where House ? Here House !

October 11, 2012  |  Comments


A Plus Warehouse stocks the Warehouse Shelving you need! My blog posttoday is a primer on shelving.  Most importantly , terms are as users define them.  Most folks consider Warehouse shelving to be old fashioned solid metal 36 or 48 inch wide shelving.  Other have a broader view of warehouse shelving

Warehouse Shelving

The warehouse shelving on the right is bulk rack by durham.  I consider warehouse shelving and racking to be close enough to call them the same thing.  A shelving unit is a storage unit that allows users to safely store items in an open area.  Of course we sell closed shelving to prevent parts from rolling off.

When warehouse shelving needs to be secure , units can be placed in a wire cage.  Of course A Plus Warehouse sells wire partition systems as well!

Other types of popular warehouse shelving include rivet racks, pallet racks, stacking racks, and sheet racks.  Don't forget the extra heavy duty die racks as well!

Whatever the warehouse shelving requirement you have , do not hestitate to contact A Plus Warehouse.

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