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We now have texting!

December 11, 2018  |  Comments

Here at A Plus Warehouse, it is important for us to keep of with modern technology. This is why we offer customers the option to send order statuses and confirmation via text.  We realize that the world and the material handling industry in particular is always growing and changing. With this growth comes new technology. Our website is also optimized for cell phone users. We make it easy at A Plus Warehouse.

                When hearing about our new texting system, many customers worry that  we will send customers unwanted messages after the order is complete. There in no need to worry. The last text you will get from A Plus Warehouse is your order confirmation. We will not spam you!

                Modern technology has transformed the material handling industry in the past couple of decades. For one thing, the invention of the internet has made this blog post possible and our entire website.  Email also helps in making a efficient office.

                A Plus Warehouse is your right source right now! We have been in this business for over two decades, we know our stuff! Our sales staff is very eager and ready to help. If you are looking for the best material handling, look no further than A Plus Warehouse!


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