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We stock School Lockers

November 7, 2013  |  Comments


School Lockers buying season starts in June.  School locker buying season is when schools place their summertime orders for delivery before the fall semester.  A Plus Warehouse does a great job stocking lockers throughout the year, but come June - things get interesting.  We suggestSchool Lockers customers place their order in advance of buying season to minimize the chance of a delayed shipment , and the stress that causes everyone.

A Plus Warehouse sells school lockers by Hallowell List , Penco, Pucel , Lyons, Edsal , ASI and others as well! Our salespeople are ready to help with any request.  We have produced a very nice buyers guide which you can download for free! Consider clicking the button below and enjoying the free guide.

No job is too small at A Plus Warehouse.  Our goal is to have one more satisfied customer.

Call us at 800-209-8798 if you need help.




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