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Weigh Your Options With Industrial Scales from A Plus Warehouse

December 20, 2011  |  Comments

Scales are necessary for a lot of industrial uses, and A Plus Warehouse, a leading business-to-business distributor of lockers and materials handling equipment, has the industrial scales businesses require.

When ordering a scale you need to consider the application. Are you selling a product by the pound? If this is the case, the scales you require would be an NTEP legal for trade scale. If you are using a scale to provide bills of lading for shipments, a Non NTEP scale will be required. 

"A weight scale enables the user to have an actual weight figure to provide their trucker on a bill of lading. This saves money as more and more LTL carriers charge for re-weighing shipments," said Ed Stairman, president of A Plus Warehouse. "Additionally, consider a load of bulk raw materials being shipped to your facility. If your vendor claims to have shipped 1000 pounds of raw material, you want to make sure to weigh and make sure an error wasn't made. If you're expecting 1000 pounds, and stock only 700 pounds - you may run out of this material in production. So your industrial floor scale should always be the first stop when receiving a shipment."

Floor scales are very handy because they are easy to read with a digital display, and they are designed to weight bulky items like pallets. With a floor scale, you have the forklift operator lift the pallet 3 inches and place it on the scale, get a reading and keep on moving. Deluxe floor scales from A Plus Warehouse feature a large platform for above-ground pallet weighing, diamond decks for skid resistance, and a backlit LCD display for easy reading.

"When ordering an industrial scale, you want to deal with a company you know you can count on," said Stairman. "A Plus Warehouse has been providing high quality industrial scales for over a decade now by offering great service, support, and aggressive net pricing. We do a great job on scales and have a great understanding of all aspects of the scale business."

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