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What Do I Need to Know About Bollards?

June 17, 2019  |  Comments


First, a bollard is a sturdy post used to divert traffic from an area. Originally bollards were referred to in the sense of boating. They were used for mooring boats and soon became used as barriers from cars, trucks, and other restricted vehicles. The most import detail of bollards is that they are durable and long lasting. Aside from the basic use of blocking a path and providing strength, there are different factors that distinguish some bollards from others. Not all bollards may be the same size, some may be mobile, and other could have a different material or design.


The biggest thing about bollards is that they work to protect. Oftentimes you will see bollards in front of a building, walkway, or school. Having bollards here prevents cars from running into it. The bollard is strong enough to handle the damage of a car and prevent damage from happening to the place the bollards are protecting. The bollard will absorb impact rather than a building, keeping the building and people inside safe.

Traffic and Road Bollards

Bollards on roads help to direct traffic and create lane barriers. These bollards are usually a safety yellow color with fluorescent white tape lining part of it. You want these colors to be bright so the traffic bollard can still be visible at nighttime. These sort of bollards guide vehicles and maintain traffic control.

ornamental bollard

Pedestrian Bollards

These sorts of bollards can create barriers and perimeter in a public space such as a park. It discourages people who do not belong in certain areas from trespassing. A fence can physically stop entirely, but in some situations, you may not need a barrier that large and a bollard will do just fine to stop someone.


Bollards are known for guarding, creating, directing, and helping traffic but they can also be innovative. When some people think of bollards all they may think of is just a steel pole. Something important to note is that a bollard doesn’t just necessarily have to be that. There are bollards that also work as lights, which is good for nighttime streets. Others may work as cigarette receptacles which help prevent litter, and other bollard may be specially decorated to suit a certain building, museum, or office.

Bollards are not just any ordinary piece of warehouse equipment; it is worth learning about and obtaining. Bollards are made available to help with safety, traffic, and much more. Bollards of all sorts are available at A Plus Warehouse.

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