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What Gauge Cabinet Do I Need for My Industry?

June 21, 2019  |  Comments

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Gauges, that’s one word you will hear often in a material handling blog. What is a gauge exactly some may wonder? Well, a gauge indicated the standard thickness of a sheet metal. AS a gauge increases the thickness of a material decrease, so the smaller the gauge the thicker the metal. A small gauge will weigh more than a higher gauged material.

Why Does Metal Thickness Matter?

A thicker metal will have a higher capacity than a thin metal. It will also be heavier and more expensive. You choose your metal gauge based on your application. So, if you need something very strong then you would choose the lower gauge. If all you need from a cabinet is a place to store items then there is no need to go for the lowest gauge, that is only for the heavy duty applications. When comparing a thicker metal to a thin one, the thick one is always stronger. In a drop cabinet test done by our vendor Stronghold, two cabinets were raised and dropped onto the other. There was the low gauge strong Stronghold cabinet and an ordinary higher gauge cabinet. One was dropped on top of the other, and then the roles reversed. The result of both tests was the Stronghold cabinet staying in position undamaged while the other collapse and broke.


Guide to Our Cabinets

If you are looking for something strong like the cabinet mentioned above, then the Stronghold Heavy Duty Storage Cabinet is just that. This cabinet in 12 GA, so it is extremely durable and suited for most any applications. Because of the high quality metal this product is created from it is more expensive but also longer lasting. For something less expensive and lower strength for simpler application A Plus Warehouse can provide you with a Maxqual Set Up Storage Cabinets. This cabinets is similarly great quality, but it has a higher gauge so it has less capacity but could bet a better option for those smaller applications.

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