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What is a Straddle Stacker

July 26, 2019  |  Comments

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Most people know that a straddle stacker can move stacks of pallets from one area to another through one piece of equipment. Typically, on wheels and with adjustable straddle heights. Some may wonder what makes this different from any other lifting equipment and what exactly is it aside from its known purpose. An essential piece of equipment in warehouses are traditionally forklifts, but at we are here to explain why a straddle stacker is the most necessary lifter for your working space.  

A Straddle stacker is used to easily maneuver series of pallets through a tight and cramped floor space in any given warehouse or facility. Not every warehouse has limitless space for moving items around, oftentimes there is limited square footage to work with so companies will learn have to work with their limited space. The best way to handle the limited space problem in a warehouse is the straddle stacker. This machine is used specifically to transport your pallets through narrow aisles, tight corners, and overall small areas. Even if you are in a small area, the need for transporting heavy pallets is still apparent, and the solution to this problem is choosing the right type of material handling instrument.

Fork Lift Vs Straddle Stacker

A forklift is very compact and does not require an area for an operator to sit down and operate complex machinery. That is the area that typically adds the bulkiness to a forklift, and when you don’t have the space for it then you do not need it there. A straddle stacker is operated with just one person behind the machine with controls like a simple pallet jack. When a company doesn’t have the space for a forklift their next choice is usually a pallet jack. A Straddle Stacker can do just what a pallet jack does, and more efficiently too. A pallet jacks uses hydraulics to lift pallets a few inches off the ground for easy transportation. That’s not the only piece of equipment that can however, there is one that is better to use. A straddle stacker also serves the same purpose and can typically lift much higher with more efficiency. The control is electronic rather than hydraulic which means less effort is needed to move these items. This machine is just as compact as any jack, and even more so sometimes. All these features make the straddle stacker an essential tool in the offices that have limited space and need to promote efficient pallet management.


A Plus Warehouse Favorites

Our favorite stacker is the Dependable Straddle Stacker because it has high capacity, strong build, and variety with dimension. This is the type of product that our customers look for when they share their lack of space problem, we always direct them to this stacker. For more stackers and any other lifting truck in general clink the link below for more information.


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