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What is a Strip Door and Why Do I Need It?

July 16, 2019  |  Comments


What’s a Strip Door?

A strip door is a simple way to create a barrier and separate two spaces through over lapping flexible strips made to resemble a doorway. Strip doors replace regular wooden doors, you would see them in a similar spot. The reason for choosing strip door over standard wood one is the amount of travel. If the doorway is a heavily traveled passageway then it is more convenient to have a strip door rather than a regular one. With strip doors you can walk through it with little effort and push. If you are carrying something with two hands then you won’t have the ability to turn a nob and open door, but you do have the ability to walk through, typically pvc, strip doors. These doors are used when there is a high workflow.

Where are Strip Doors Seen?

The most common place to find an industrial strip door is at a kitchen area, whether it is a smaller one, restaurant attached one, or industrial one. In the kitchen people are constantly handling items and typically with two hands to prevent spills and accidents, but the problem is transportation with no hands. This is when the strip doors come in handy. Rather than balancing a boiling pot in one hand with hopes it goes well and holding the door with the other hand, you could just walk through strip doors. Some are even see through which is necessary in the kitchen to see if there is someone on the other side because the last thing you would want to do is run into someone when you have a plate full of prepared food. The most common strip we sell at A Plus Warehouse is the See Through Strip Doors. They open with less than a pound of force, it is perfect for walk in coolers or freezers because it can separate the differential in temperature between rooms. With kick panels included and a variety of sizes to choose from you are sure to find the right strip door to suit your industrial needs.

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Why Is a Strip Door Necessary?

Strips doors can create efficiency in the industry which is a plus for every company. Rather than having to take more time and do a balancing act to hold an item in one hand and turn a nob and push through the door with the other, you could spend less time and effort walking through a strip door. These doors can come in several different ways. The ones on our website are all durable and can create a perfect seal. Once you walk through strip doors, they will close behind you with a tight seal so no bugs or critters, or temperature differentials can be mixed. If efficiency is what you want, then you need strip doors.

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