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What is an ESD Workbench?

July 3, 2019  |  Comments

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What is an ESD Workbench?

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 ESD is the protection system for controlling static electricity and guiding it to the Earth’s ground. It is most important in the electronics industry and with electronic production, repairing, testing, and anything related. The reason ESD pairs with workbench is because workbenches are widely used in the electrical industry and is the surface most frequently used when assembling electronics. Workbenches are common equipment for people to have along with the need for electrical outlets by their workspace Because of this, ESD workbenches brings the safety electrical system to your everyday workspace.

Why ESD And Not Conductive?

A conductive surface has many great uses and can work well with many applications, but the application of an ESD top differs from conductive, and because of that you should use the right style for the right application. A conductive surface will short out any connections, which will create for impracticability of operating and testing circuits. A conductive surface will create high flowing currents, and that can damage another electrical circuit. ESD workbenches are both static dissipative and fireproof. When it comes to voltage safety, if there is a high voltage item with a conductive table then the table is likely to have a dangerously high voltage. If that same high voltage item were on an ESD top, then if you were to touch the table everything would be fine. An ESD top does not carry voltage like a conductive top may.

ESD laminate tops have a resistance value of 1.0 x 106 <1.0 x 109 ohms. This is good for two reasons; it prevents rapid discharge of any static that can cause damage and it is a great layer of protection from other high voltage items. Once you have figured out that you want an ESD workbench for your application, the next step would be to figure out which one. A Plus Warehouse has a wide variety of workbenches, plenty of which as described, for you to choose from and suit your needs. One of our top selling work benches is the Ergonomic Preconfigured Work Bench. With this product you have the ability to choose either a regular plastic laminate top, or an ESD laminate for your electrical jobs. With two different available dimensions, there is more that you can do with these tops, and more ways that your needs will be met.

Safety is a top priority at A Plus Warehouse and we hope that our ESD laminate blog spread the word about electrical safety.

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