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Which Ladder Works Best for the Space You Have?

January 18, 2017  |  Comments

ladder for your work space

Your Work Space Determines Your Ladder

No matter what kind of warehouse you have, a ladder is an essential piece of equipment. However, no two warehouses are set up in quite the same way. You’ll need to figure out the right kind of ladder your warehouse needs.

We at A Plus Warehouse have put together this handy guide to help you decide on a ladder that fits your space, adds work efficiency, and gets the most bang for your buck.

The Tall and Narrow Warehouse

Many warehouses store products or materials on tall racks. Racks can be on the tall side; to reach the top you’d need an equally tall ladder. For that, we recommend the Everest Extra Tall Rolling Ladder. The Everest is one of the tallest production ladders on the market, with a maximum of 16 steps at 160” high.

The Wide and Flat Warehouse

If your warehouse space is wide and flat, you’ll want a ladder that can easily navigate between your storage equipment. A ladder as tall as the Everest ladder won’t likely work here. A shorter ladder may work well here to avoid straining to get items out of your reach.

Oftentimes, a wide, flat warehouse space will need multiple ladders at multiple locations. Rolling ladders solve this by providing height and mobility, allowing you to move them where they’re needed most to get you ergonomic (and economic) value.

The Large Storeroom

A large warehouse is great for storage purposes, but the sheer amount of space to navigate can be problematic. Keeping track of the thousands of products it contains can be difficult as well, so wouldn’t it be great if you had a ladder that helped with both?

Stock picking ladders specialize in keeping the items you need to stock close at hand, saving you from having to constantly go to the storeroom. A 6-8 or 9-12 step ladder combines with either two or three 350-lb. shelves, offering you a convenient way to take your work with you.

The Right Ladder for You is at A Plus Warehouse

A ladder offers you a simple way to reach up high without having to strain yourself or use any complicated machinery. Although all ladders have a similar functionality—just set it up, and up you go!—the ways you can use one will be limited by the kind of warehouse you have.

But no matter what kind of warehouse you have, you can find an ideal ladder at A Plus Warehouse. Our selection is always stocked and ready to help you achieve better work efficiency.

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