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Why Industrial Chic is the Perfect Modern Look for Your Home

October 23, 2015  |  Comments

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Industrial Chic with Warehouse Equipment

The “industrial chic” look is one of the more popular home styles we’ve seen popping up lately. Industrial chic combines the organic, natural appearance of wood with the hard, manufactured look of metal. Common warehouse products like casters, lockers, and work benches can help you create this appealing aesthetic for your own home. Just take a look and get some ideas!

The Rustic Look of Wood with the Reliability of Steel

Industrial chic gives your home a practical yet sturdy appearance. Your living room or other public space is perfect for showing it off to your friends and family. An industrial extra heavy duty work bench with a maple top can provide just the kind of industrial chic you’re looking for. It combines the rugged durability of strong gauge steel with a smooth, laminated wood top. Use this for a completely unique end table or counter; your guests will never have seen anything like it!

Storage, the Industrial Chic Way

Have you ever thought coat racks were kind of boring? Then consider using a locker with a coat rack instead! Lockers give you a little slice of industrial chic while providing handy storage for your guests. They definitely won’t be expecting a locker to offer them the same coat-hanging capability that a coat rack would! There’s plenty of room inside lockers for purses, handbags, shoes, and umbrellas too. You can also add wall mounted lockers around the room to make stylish industrial bookcases.

Make Your Home Move with Industrial Casters

In warehouses, things are always in motion. To really pull off the industrial chic look, you should think about what parts of your home could benefit from some warehouse-style movement. Casters are great for adding onto sliding barn-style doors, moving bar carts, and even portable kitchen islands. Industrial casters will add a bit of flexibility to your kitchen or dining room—great for when you feel like switching things up!

From the Warehouse to Your House

At first, a warehouse seems like an odd place to get inspiration from for your home. But if you want to add a style as unique as industrial chic, there’s no better place to look. At A Plus Warehouse, we sell warehouse equipment of all kinds that can enhance your home to achieve that perfect style. Be sure to explore all the options available to you at our extensive online selection!

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