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Wire Reel Racks

July 7, 2017  |  Comments

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Reel Racks

One of our popular lines is our reel rack line because many offices and warehouses need them for easy storage purposes. This reel rack system proves to be an efficient way to store wire rolls because it takes up less spaces than if there were no rack. When the spools are on the ground they take up more spaces and are likely to roll around, taking up more space. You will be able to make use of other equipment when you use the reel rack to make some floor space.

Our reel racks vary by size, capacity, and number of rows. We make it easy by making the higher capacity reels green and orange, and the lower capacity reels blue. Our cable reel rack is very strong and can hold 10000 pounds per frame. Sometimes a large roll of wire can be extremely heavy that the high capacity reel rack is necessary. We make it easy for you to choose a rack. Out of all the reel racks we sell, one is sure to fit your needs. At A Plus Warehouse, we aim to give you a variety of products to choose from so you can really find something that will suit your warehouse needs. reel racks blog

Why Us?

A Plus Warehouse has been in the whole sale distribution business for a very long time and we try our hardest to satisfy our customers’ needs. We want to make sure everyone has a positive experience ordering from A Plus Warehouse and are happy with the product they order. Our reel racks are sure to make our customers content because they come in a variety and are extremely efficient in any office building or warehouse.

A Plus Warehouse is the right source for you! Call us at 800-209-8798 or email us at [email protected]

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