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Are You Using the Wrong Locker?

February 6, 2017  |  Comments

Are you using the wrong work lockers

Could Your Workspace Benefit from Lockers?

Every workspace varies according to the type of work being done. This raises an important question: does every workspace need lockers of some sort? Because lockers are so widely used in a variety of workspaces, it’s natural to assume any locker would be a perfect fit for yours.

However, before you decide whether you need lockers or not, you may need to ask yourself some questions. We’ve listed a few of the most important ones here to ensure your workspace can get the most benefit from the right kinds of lockers.

“Do I need to protect belongings and/or private information?”

Protecting personal belongings is of paramount importance in any workspace. This is especially true in schools and colleges, which you may not think of as a traditional workplace. However, lockers are a staple of educational facilities around the world. Both iconic in appearance and unrivaled in function, lockers have provided safe, secure storage for students of all ages for generations.

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School lockers come in many different types, from ventilated to box lockers that can meet a variety of security needs. As we move into the digital age, we may see students trading in their physical textbooks for tablets, laptops, and other electronic storage devices. This may lead to a decreased need for the traditional lockers of the past. Cell phone lockers can make capable replacements, as they provide secure storage for smartphones and tablets.

“Is my storage flexible enough for my needs?”

You can depend on lockers to provide you with ample storage space. However, if your storage needs change, will your chosen locker be up to the task? Lockers that provide multiple kinds of storage may be what you need.

The good news is you can find lockers with multiple storage capabilities. Combination uniform and shelf lockers could provide the flexibility you’re looking for, as they allow you to store work uniforms and personal belongings in a single locker.

“Is my equipment safe both during and after work hours?”

Although the people are the highest priority around the workspace, you can’t ignore the need for equipment storage. For manufacturing facilities, packaging plants, and other industrial workspaces, the equipment is necessary to getting the day’s work done. Storage for this equipment is a must-have.

Heavy duty lockers are the best suited for industrial equipment storage, as they are made from sturdy 12-14 GA steel and are all-welded for strength. Shelves within have wide openings that allow you to secure a range of items.

Get the Lockers You Need Today

If your workspace could benefit from lockers, now’s the time to add them to your workspace. Lockers can keep your items safe and secure when you need them. Choose the ones that fit your needs best!

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