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You Can’t Be Lazy With an Industrial Lazy Susan

September 10, 2015  |  Comments

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You probably saw your first lazy Susan in the kitchen, which made dishes easy to reach for everyone seated at the table. But for those of us who sell warehouse equipment, we’re much more familiar with the time-saving, efficient qualities of an industrial lazy Susan. These items are available now from A Plus Warehouse to help you move big pallets of product.

Use an Industrial Lazy Susan for Easy, Efficient Movement

While you could use our large lazy Susan products for serving appetizers, they’ll be much more effective in your industrial warehouse or packaging plant. That’s because an industrial lazy Susan, also called a pallet carousel or industrial turntable, is designed with ergonomic movement in mind. Watch the video on our industrial lazy Susan page. Do you see how easy it is for those warehouse workers to spin those big pallets around? Using only their hands, they can spin boxes of product a full 360 degrees with barely any effort at all. This is due to each heavy duty lazy Susan featuring an industrial-strength stainless steel ring. This ring floats on low-friction bearings for smooth turning in all directions. Stacking, spinning, and positioning is easy with heavy duty industrial turntables. All you have to do (besides moving it) is order the right size of lazy Susan. A Plus Warehouse has industrial lazy Susans for sale in 30, 36, 40, 48, 60, and 72-inch diameters. Each size comes in a variety of capacities, from 2,000 pounds all the way up to 6,000 pounds. That’s a lot of product you can move all by yourself, or a lot of Thanksgiving dinners if you’re still intent on using it at the dinner table.  

An Industrial Size Lazy Susan for All Your Warehouse Uses

No matter how hard you try, you just can’t be lazy with an industrial lazy Susan turntable. Even if you put out the barest amount of effort you’ll find yourself accomplishing a lot. The smooth movement of each rotation will have you moving your products right where you need them—all without causing you unnecessary effort. When you’re ready to use a lazy Susan for more than passing the veggies, we think you’ll find the industrial version a welcome addition to your industrial facility.

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