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You want It, We got It- Storage Lockers

June 12, 2013  |  Comments


For those of you readers that dont know A Plus Warehouse sells Storage Lockers(duh).  Yes you heard it right we have Storage Lockers for Sale  right here right now! Now we do having many popular lockers to choose from so dont worry about that. Tons of Options! One popular line of lockers that we sell is the 16 Person See Through Locker. The color comes in one color - Beige.16 person see through locker So I truely hope you like Beige... I do!  A picture of this locker is shown on the right. See Through Lockers are great for extra security. Make sure all your workers are not smuggling in any banned items. It will be pretty hard to hide those type of items in a see through locker! Whats other lockers storage lockers for sale you ask? Well we got your answer! We got Digitech Access Lockers! Single Tier, Double Tier, Tripple Tier, and Six Tier. These lockers are perfect for your wonderful day at the ammusement park! The digitalElectronic Lockers are shown to the left. The Lock is programed by the user... no need to hold a key! We highly suggest however that 1234 is not a very good lock code! These lockers also include a hat shelf and a double propng cieling hook and two single hooks. This is also in stock for immediate delivery. As you see with so many great storage lockers for sale its no wonder our customers love us!

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