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Combination Cabinets

Combination cabinets are in great demand, and A Plus Warehouse sells great quality combination storage cabinets nationwide. Combination cabinets get there name by being a combination of storage cabinets and wardrobe cabinets. Metal combination cabinets are great because you can both store items and hang jackets in the wardrobe section.

Our Lines

For industrial combination cabinets, look no further than our KingCab line. There is not a more rugged combination cabinet on the market - constructed of 12 GA steel. We also have combination cabinets by BigBlue, Penco, Tennsco, Parent Metal, Lyons, Hallowell and Edsal as well. One of our more popular BigBlue cabinets is the  wardrobe cabinet with drawers. In choosing a combination cabinet, you want to consider capacity and your ability and willingness to assemble.


All the Colors of the Rainbow

If you are looking for a cabinet with personality, you have come to the right place. We offer many more colors than just the typical industrial grey! Our Big Blue line is particularly popular. Colors offered include Dark Blue, Light Blue, White, Orange, Beige, Putty, Yellow, Dark Green, Vista Green, Black, Dark Brown, Red, and Grey!

Our Vendors

Tennsco makes their products in USA in Tennessee with fine American workers and technology. For our customers that require made in America, we have a whole constellation of great lines that will fit your requirements.

Hallowell makes their fine combination cabinets in Florida, and stocks them coast to coast offering great ship times and low overall costs. Penco had their start in Pennsylvania , but now produces their work benches, lockers and cabinets at several manufacturing plants nationwide.

Penco has taken the additional step of stocking AND manufacturing locally, again providing value to our great customers.

Of course Edsal produces out of Chicago and does a fantastic volume of both economy and high quality industrial items.

Unassembled Cabinets Save Money

If you want to save some money on the products and shipping as well, Tennsco and Penco both have a nice unassembled line of combination cabinets to go along with their fully assembled line as well. Many of our products are very easy to assemble, and therefor highly recommended to be shipped Knocked Down. For more complicated combination cabinets, customers should only order assemble if they have extensive experience. Ask your sales rep to learn if ordering unassembled is right for you!

While ordering unassembled saves our customers money, the benefits of ordering set up should not be downplayed. It is a very convenient option for customers to have!


Your Right Source, Right Now!

If you are looking for combination cabinets, there is no better place to go than A Plus Warehouse. We have a very large variety of products and are many of them are in stock!

Just look at our customer reviews! A Plus Warehouse customers love that we are fast, reliable, and easy to talk to.  Our sales staff is top notch and ready to help!


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