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Computer Cabinets

A Plus Warehouse stocks stationary and mobile computer cabinets nationwide. Many people in the industrial workplace put their computers on workstations that are just too low and not at all secure. This is a significant issue in terms of not only equipment safety but employee comfort. Computer cabinets merge the storage capacity of cabinets with a designated computer space, ensuring your equipment remains safe even in a busy industrial facility. Browse our wide variety of stationary and mobile  cabinets to easily integrate your electronic equipment with the daily demands of your industrial facility.

 Secure and Supportive

Our tech cabinets are ideal for many kinds of workplaces. From processing customer orders in fulfillment centers to managing inventory, computers add convenience to your daily work. It is imperative to have a proper place to keep them protected!


Secure. We all know electronic devices can’t walk. To ensure the complete safety of your expensive, work-critical equipment, each computer storage cabinet from A Plus Warehouse has a robust locking system. Electronically locking compartments allow you to store the computer monitor and tower together or separately as needed. You’ll also have storage space for supplies or additional items.


Supportive. Using the work computer shouldn’t be a pain to use. Setting it up on a computer cabinet is ideal for the fast-paced needs of an industrial workplace, as this helps you avoid any painful physical issues that can occur on the job. Additionally, an ergonomic slide-out shelf keeps your keyboard and mouse at a comfortable angle. And because these cabinets can store hundreds of pounds, you can keep any essential items like work forms, policy notebooks, or even tools within easy reach. This adds efficiency and overall effectiveness to your daily tasks.

Stationary and Mobile Cabinets 

You don’t always have time to sit down at a computer, especially in an industrial facility. Both mobile and stationary cabinets may be accessed while standing up, so you can use it quickly and get back to the task at hand. All these cabinets also feature proper ventilation and power strips to support your electronic equipment needs.


Mobile computer cabinets provide you with portable IT equipment wherever you need it. These are cabinets made from strong steel materials mounted on sturdy casters. This allows you to wheel your work computer wherever it’s needed while retaining the high degree of security of other cabinets.


Stationary computer cabinets have a solid structure and provide the same security as the mobile cabinets. Instead of casters, these cabinets have four strong legs for support. We sell a wide range of stationary computer storage cabinet styles, ranging from extra wide work surface computer cabinets to two compartment cabinets and mobile stands.


Save your neck, and your expensive equipment, and choose an industrial computer cabinet from A Plus Warehouse.

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