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Extra Heavy Duty Metal Storage Cabinets

Extra heavy duty metal cabinets are typically 12 GA, and A Plus Warehouse provides excellent 12 GA cabinets from several manufacturers including Stronghold, Durham, Parent and Pucel.  Our Battleship Extra Deep Cabinet is not only ultra heavy duty , but also is either 30 or 36 inches deep.  Most other cabinets are only 24 inches deep at maximum.  As with roller conveyors many extra heavy duty cabinets are in stock.  Most 24 inch deep Stronghold cabinets are in stock and Durham and Hallowell both ship quickly - typically less than 2 weeks!


Why count on A Plus Warehouse ? Count the ways!

  1. Excellent Product Variety
  2. Premier Sales Support - We don't 'force' you online - we'll actually talk to customers!
  3. We are Material Handling people - this is what we do!
  4. Value Pricing
  5. Special quotes - no problems
  6. Saturday Access - yes , if you want to spend 10 minutes on the phone Saturday to order an extra heavy duty cabinet - A Salesperson can be assigned to help you even then!

There are many more reasons , but just give A Plus Warehouse a try and add reasons 7-20!


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