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Industrial Cabinets

Industrial cabinets are a specialty at A Plus Warehouse. We provide industrial cabinets from 18 gauge to the amazingly sturdy 12 gauge offered by our KingCab line of industrial cabinets. We make the ordering process easy, offering light duty set up or unassembled units as well as super heady duty all welded industrial cabinets.

A dealer is only as good as his stable of manufacturers, and A Plus Warehouse has the very best of them all! For unassembled and pop riveted industrial cabinets we offer Edsal, and Tennsco. We offer Lyon and Penco as the premium version of this type cabinet although Lyon does provide some heavy duty 14 Gauge cabinets as well. Our extra heavy duty industrial cabinets are KingCab, Rhino, Grizzly as well as Justrite valutmaster cabinets.

There is a bare minimum of terminology that should be understood in ordering industrial cabinets. A Plus Warehouse makes it easy by showing cabinets with doors open, thus displaying interiors. A storage cabinet usually had 4 or 5 full width shelves. A wardrobe cabinet normally has one full width hat shelf with a coat rod underneath allowing storage of jackets, etc. A combination cabinet has a steel partition down the middle vertically, and has half the cabinet outfitted with shelves and the other half like a mini-wardrobe cabinet. Other industrial cabinets include the ever popular see through unit. This has polycarbonate in the door frames so the interior of the industrial cabinet can clearly be seen. We also offer Janitor cabinets, that have hooks on the exterior allowing exterior storage of maps, brooms, pans, etc. For the ultimate in convenience we offer some cabinets by Lyon, Durham, and KingCab with plastic bins included and sliding drawers. Many of our Bin cabinets are provide with ultra high quality Akro bins, while others we sell include deluxe Quantum, Linvar or Lewis bins. Whichever plastic bin is provided, A Plus offers a great overall value, even offering bin colors other than Yellow!

If you see a Durham, KingCab or Valleycraft bin industrial cabinet on our site, and decide you prefer Blue bins, just let us know! We will accommodate. Most dealers will tell you special industrial cabinets are simply not available. A Plus Warehouse will make you a quotation for your special for quantities as low as one and as high as â€" buy all you want …we’ll make more!!

Why order a cabinet with bins? This is an easy question to answer. Let’s suppose you need to stock nuts and bolts for a parts room. Just imagine how inefficient it would be to put bolts of all different thread length, width and threads on a shelf. You would be guaranteed of providing incorrect parts for your internal customers, or worse yet, for yourself. By using bins, you label each bin with what it stores. Our bins are easily removable as well, so you can take a reasonable supply of hex nuts and not have to count them out. For added security, internal preconfigured drawers are available as well.

As you are ordering industrial cabinets, please be aware that we are the only dealer showing KingCab stainless cabinets online. If you have sanitary issues, stainless KingCab may well be the way to go â€" and you can get the price right online . No need for us to engineer stainless steel industrial cabinets, we already had them designed, and they are ready for you now.

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