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5S Cabinets

Lean 5S is an exciting new concept in manufacturing and distribution. Lean 5S is a Japanese management philosophy – so the terms are: seiri, seiton, seiso, seiketsu, and shitsuke.  The English translation is: Sort , Shine, Set it In Order ,Standardize, and Sustain. The lean portion of the expression suggests less ‘fat’ and more ‘muscle’.  An old school reading of ‘lean’ could be ‘Just In Time’ control.

Durham Manufacturing

Durham Manufacturing makes Lean 5S storage cabinets that are not only lockable, but they also have hook on bins and sliding drawers all integral to the cabinets.  This allows very dense and logical storage of inventory parts. Consider the first of the 5S terms : Sort.

Durham was established in 1922 based in Durham, Connecticut. They specialize in industrial storage, packaging products, storage, and general organization. All their products are manufactured in house.

A Bit of Everything Cabinet

How easy is it to sort items when there are so many cubby holes to put the items in? Our a bit of everything cabinet is a great 5s Cabinet.  It includes 72 bins, 4 drawers, 2 cabinet shelves, and 12 door shelves. Additional cabinet and door shelves are also available upon request. Shelf capacity is 700 pounds and cabinet is constructed with rugged 14 gauge design.

A Whole System

In Lean 5S the storage cabinet becomes a tool that allows for granular sortation and high efficiency.  Durham isn’t the only A Plus Warehouse manufacturer involved in 5S products.  Akro Mils and Quantum both manufacture plastic bins and storage cabinets as well as carts that are optimized to handle their plastic bins. Of course nothing says ‘set in motion’ quite like roller conveyors, and our roller conveyors can be a great part of a 5S system.

Manage Your Tools and Parts with 5S Lean Cabinets

Going way back to the 1950’s the KANBAN 2 bin system of inventory management was the big thing.  Kanban is still a part of 5S and with A Plus Warehouse physically selling plastic bins , one can easily see how we are involved in 5S systems! In a 2 bin system, the safety stock is in bin 2 and the working stock is in bin 1.  Bin 2 is considered the safety stock – that is the amount of inventory that is used withing the amount of time it takes to receive restocking for bin number 1.  This is based on EOQ or economic order quantity.

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