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Wall Storage System

  • Typically Used by Teachers in Classrooms
  • Clean, Cohesive, Modular Storage System
  • Parts Included: Cubbies, Locker System, Cabinets
  • Order Pre configured or by Product
  • Gives you the Chance to Create a Storage System to Suit your Environment
  • Endless Ways to Put Together
  • Order Now!


Product No. DescriptionDimensions (W x D x H)Weight Price Ea 1-3Price Ea 4+ Qty
AP-WB0670 Pre Configured System150" x 15" x 80.75"834 lbs $2,402.54 $2,354.49

Individual Product

Product No. DescriptionDimensions (W x D x H)Weight Price Ea 1-3Price Ea 4+ Qty
AP-WB0658 Short Locking Cabinet50" x 15" x 38.5"148 lbs $495.78 $485.86
AP-WB0659 5 Lockers With Shoe Compartment50" x 15" x 38.5"310 lbs $410.57 $402.36
AP-WB0660 5 Cubbies and 2 Shelves50" x 15" x 38.5"116 lbs $344.89 $337.99
AP-WB0661 12 Backpack Cubbies50" x 15" x 38.5"130 lbs $371.54 $364.11
AP-WB0665 Tall Cabinet50" x 15" x 77.25"274 lbs $719.14 $704.76
AP-WB0676 Kickboard Base50" x 14.5" x 3.5"12 lbs $63.48 $62.21

The easiest way to buy a full wall storage is to choose the pre configured option. It comes with a tall and wide storage cabinet, a shorter lockable cabinet, a 12 section cubby, a 5 section and 2 shelf cubby, a 5 section locker area, and lastly a kick board for the finishing touch. Each cabinet is constructed in 3/4 inch thermofused white melamine. Handles are satin chrome, and locking mechanism is included. The cabinets feature a European soft close hinges for safety. Ships fully assembled, but overall configuration will differ based on customer. Configuring is easy because products fasten together securely. When buying products seperately note that the kickboard base is only 50" wide so if you want to put cabinets next to each that are 50" wide you will need two bases.

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