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tablet cabinet
tablet cabinet thermal fused laminate colors

Tablet Storage Cabinets

  • Plug and Stores your Electronic Devices 
  • Front and Rear Locking Doors
  • Fully Assembled
  • Comes with Power Strip for Charging
  • Dividers secure 24 to 48 Tablets
  • Order Now!
Product No. Size W X D X HNumber of DevicesLevelers or Casters Price Ea 1-3Price 4+ Color Qty
TSC-24L 27.625 x 24 x 45.7524 DevicesLevelers $2,363.00 $2,315.74
TSC-24C 27.625 x 24 x 45.7524 DevicesCasters $2,711.00 $2,656.78
TSC-48L 27.625 x 24 x 45.7548 DevicesLevelers $2,718.00 $2,663.64
TSC-48C 27.625 x 24 x 45.7548 DevicesCasters $2,794.00 $2,738.12

Tablet Storage Cabinets doors open at 270 Degrees and lay flat against the cabinet for easy access of devices. Shelves are 1" Thick Laminate equipped with 20 or 40 powder coated 1/4" removable wire dividers. Rear door is designed to provide additional ventilation and secured charging of devices. Power for charging is provided by power strip with a 6 Foot Cord. Chrome hooks are furnished for storage of cord inside cabinet and out of sight when not in use. Product  has .75" Double Sided Thermal Fused Laminate and .25" diameter adjustable/ removable black wire dividers. Order Yours Today.

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