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Janitorial Cabinet

Every facility needs at least one janitorial wardrobe cabinet. A Plus Warehouse sells several wardrobe cabinet styles that provides storage for cleaning supplies and uniforms. Our selection of cabinets is available at several price points to fulfill your needs for convenient, affordable janitorial and custodial storage. Browse now and find the janitorial wardrobe cabinet that’s right for your facility.

Janitorial Wardrobe Cabinet Options for All Facilities

A janitorial cabinet differs from standard combination cabinets. Janitorial cabinets do not typically have full length partitions, as other cabinets do. The janitorial cabinets that do have a full center partition also have shelves for the other half of the cabinet. This allows you to make the most of your space to store different kinds of supplies.


Economical Janitorial Supply Cabinets are perfect if you’re looking for custodial storage on a budget. They have a full width opening at the base, which then opens into a partition for vacuums, brooms, and mops. Several shelves are also available for cleaning supplies. This cabinet is all welded and ready to use upon arrival. This economical style of cabinet has a capacity that is more than adequate for the great price—be sure to order several to cover your storage needs.


A Valumaster All Welded Combination Cabinet offers the best of all worlds with a partition for work uniforms, one full shelf, and three adjustable half-width shelves. These janitorial cabinets are available in 16 GA and 14 GA with Heavy Duty versions for both as well. The shelves are adjustable on 3-inch centers, and you may order extra shelves if needed. Need extra security? The Valumaster combination cabinet has a three point locking mechanism with a padlock hasp.


Economy Wardrobe and Storage Cabinets by Qualcab are a great choice if you like having multiple storage options. Choose between Medium and Heavy Duty cabinets with either 200# or 400# capacity per shelf. You may also choose three different models: full width shelves, hat shelf + coat rod combo, and hat shelf + three half shelves. These cabinets are all welded and ship to you boxed to minimize risk of damage while in transport.


Stainless Steel Janitor Cabinets bring janitorial storage to a whole new level. A full partition stores tall items like brooms and vacuums, while the other side has shelves for buckets and other cleaning supplies. Stainless steel materials ensure protection from rust, making it perfect for janitorial cleaning use. A flat or sloped top is available to fit a stainless steel janitorial storage cabinet within your facility.


Order Your Cabinets Now from A Plus Warehouse

Tidiness is the basic idea behind a janitorial cabinet. You need an organized place to keep your facility’s cleaning items where they will be available when needed. Enjoy the convenience and organization you get from janitorial cabinets with A Plus Warehouse! Call us today at 800-209-8798.


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