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Locking Cabinets

Locking security cabinets are needed by all manufacturing plants and government entities as well. A large or small locking cabinet from A Plus Warehouse allows users to keep valuable parts readily available, yet safe from pilferage and inventory shrinkage. A locking security cabinet is preferable to a shelving cabinet provided without doors.

Different Locking Mechanisms

Any product that locks needs some sort of locking mechanism! We offer small and large locking cabinets with a large variety of lock types. Many customers prefer the three point locking system with padlock hasp. This is an old fashioned, super secure lock type our customers can rely on!  The key lock is also a classic locking mechanism that will get the job done. Just make sure to not misplace your key!

Others prefer the keyless digital lock which is provided with the KingCab locking security cabinet line at a premium. These locks have become increasing popular with our modern times and technology. Bluetooth locks are also becoming increasingly popular.

Many of our lockers can also be made to be locking with a simple pad lock, sold almost everywhere! When you are storing valuables, A Plus Warehouse also recommends to lock it up!

See Through Yet Secure

There are many times where customers may want their cabinets to be either see through or ventilated for one reason or another. Customers can have the ventilation they require without giving up safety. A Plus Warehouse supplies many ventilated locking security cabinets.

Our Ventilated Stronghold Storage Cabinet is often seen in industrial garages. The size of our large and small locking cabinets ranges from 36” X 24” X 72” to 60” X 24” X 72”. Shelf capacity ranges from 1,200 pounds to 1,900 pounds. Our locking security cabinets ship fully assembled and ready to go!

Pharmacy safes are required to be extra secure. Our Mini Under Counter See Through Pharmacy Safe does the trick! It features ultra rugged 11 gauge construction and 1 inch thick lexam glass for secure viewing. Product includes a SecuRam digital lock. This type of lock features on touch fingerprint access. They are certified EMP resistant and are used often by the military.

Stronghold Cabinets

When customers think Strong Hold, they think superior strength! While Strong Hold is known for their products with superior strength, their security is also superior. All their products are built with safety at top of mind. This is one of the many reasons that 97% of Strong Hold customers are repeat customers.

Your Right Source, Right Now

Look no further than A Plus Warehouse for your locking security cabinet needs. We sell small and large locking cabinets from many different quality manufacturers including Strong Hold.

Our sales staff is top notch and always read to help customers with any questions or concerns they may have about products and shipping.  Our website is also easy to navigate. A Plus Warehouse wats the order! We make it as easy as possible for customers to get from start to finish. Order Now!

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