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Locking Cabinets

Security cabinets are needed by all manufacturing plants and government entities as well. A security cabinet from A Plus Warehouse allows users to keep valuable parts readily available, and still more secure from pilferage and inventory shrinkage. A secure cabinet is preferable to a shelving cabinet provided without doors. We provide secure cabinets by Secuall, Edsal, Penco, Parent, Hallowell, Wireway and others. The security storage cabinets by Kingcab with 12 GA construction is the best of all security cabinets.

When ordering a security cabinet from A Plus Warehouse, you want to consider the locking mechanism. Many customers prefer the three point locking system with padlock hasp. Others prefer the keyless digital lock which is provided with the KingCab security cabinet line at a premium. Secure cabinets can be used for equipment and parts, but are also used for flammable and corrosive fluids. Flammables, corrosives, acids and other volatile liquids are not safe to store on shelving units. To be in compliance with OSHA and other regulations, you may need a security cabinet from A Plus Warehouse. In the flammable arena, we offer Justrite, Securall, Edsal, Penco, Lyons, Jamco and Stronghold as well. In the corrosive environment we offer Justrite as well. We have the security cabinet you need.

A Plus Warehouse is your one stop shopping distributor for material handling, work benches, lockers, utility carts, loading dock equipment and of course security cabinets.  Our warehouse equipment salespeople are very knowledgeable about wholesale distribution with a full understanding of our product line.  Count on us for the experience and courtesy you expect and deserve when placing an order for your security storage cabinets.  We are a tier one dealer for our lines – offering nationwide delivery at with great service at a competitive price.  We are large enough to handle your requirement, yet small enough to truly appreciate your valued business.

When ordering a secure cabinet for use with flammables, there are some things to consider.  First of all, you need to decide if you want self closing or manually closing security cabinets.  A self closing cabinet has doors that are held open with a fusable link made of lead typically.  When fire hits the fuable link, it melts, and the spring loaded door then closes.  For a slight premium self closing makes a lot of sense.  When the doors close, a fire can self extinguish.  A manual door needs to be closed by hand.  In a fire, I’d be on the way out the door as would all other employees.  Who’s job would it be to close the door on the security cabinet? Advice like this is quite valuable, and our people will share ideas like this one as a service to our valued customers.

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