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Locking Storage Cabinets

If you need to order locking storage cabinets, you have found the right website! A Plus Warehouse provides locking storage cabinets made by great manufacturers. You know you are always getting high quality equipment.


Big Blue

Some of our popular brand names include our Big Blue and KingCab. Big Blue is mostly known for its unique colors with the most popular clearly being blue with red bins if applicable. Big Blue Products however come in a variety of dazzling colors including White, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Orange, Beige, Putty, Yellow, Dark Green, Vista Green, Black,  Dark Brown, Red, and Grey. Mix and Match these colors however you choose! Big Blue products are high quality and heavy duty-made to last a lifetime. Products in this line include work benches, shelving, shop desks, and of course locking storage cabinets. KingCab gets its name by being the King of all Cabinets! If  you are looking for a solid cabinet, you can never go wrong with one of our kingcabs. They are all made right here in the USA with ultra thick 12 GA metal. Many of our Kingcabs are in stock and ready to be shipped at this very second!

sOur Big Blue Cabinets with Bins are very popular. They are featured on this page in the second row. Bin cabinets are the ultimate storage product. Bin cabinets are perfect for storing your smaller valuables. These products tend to sell very well with the military and schools. The best part is that they are in stock nation wide.


Locking Storage Cabinets

A Locking Storage Cabinet is a very essential product for your workplace. When storing away your items, you want to be sure that they are secure! Security and Safety is very important here at A Plus Warehouse. You don’t want anybody stealing your valuable items!  In fact, most of our storage cabinets are lockable. It is important to remember that A Plus Warehouse does much more than storage cabinets. We do cabinets of all kinds including bin, combination, metal, industrial, and many other types of cabinets! A Plus Warehouse prides itself on having a large product catalog. Products include lockers, material handling, carts, cabinets, and more.

                Why Order from A Plus Warehouse? You get service with a smile! A Plus Employees are truly happy to be here and they want to make your experience with us a good one! We are a big enough company to satisfy your order but small enough to know every order matters. Order Now!

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