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BigBlue Mobile Cabinets

At A Plus Warehouse the BigBlue line of product is a well favored one. The main aspect of these items is the dark blue and red color combination. With colors as vibrant as these your item is sure to standout in any work space. Along with just looking great these products are also heavy duty. We have an endless supply of BigBlue products including this page that is mobile cabinets, along with storage cabinets, benches, and many more.

About BigBlue

At A Plus Warehouse we are always trying to find unique products, names, and uses in order to stand out from other warehouse equipment companies. We did not come up with our BigBlue line overnight. This whole concept took weeks to establish. It started with the idea that we can be different by selling cabinets that are bright blue and have red shelves inside. It is different from the typical school blue, grey, or tan colors, but we figured if there is a will then there surely will be a way. The reason it is BigBlue and not just Blue is because these items have massive capacities and strength. Not any ordinary product can be a BigBlue, it must meet the durability and color requirements!

Our Products

One of our basic mobile cabinets is our Bigblue Four Drawer Mini Mobile Cabinets. This is a must have product for any industry. Every work station will need drawers for storage. This item even has locking drawers, so you can store your items safely. The wheel provides easy mobility, which is something you may need depending on what you are storing. Also, not to mention the top of this is a working space as well. The best selling one is the Big Blue Locking Door Mobile Cabinet with Tool Box. This item has a massive 4000 pound capacity. On one side of this contraption there is a locking door, and on another there are locking drawers. The table top is larger which provides you with more working space. This cabinet is easily mobile because of the wheels. The wheels have floor locks to keep the item stationary when needed.

About Us

A Plus Warehouse has been selling warehouse equipment for over 20 years now and with each year we improve even more. We have a team of loyal workers who are well trained and ready to take on any problem they may face. We are your right source – right now! Don’t hesitate to give us a call!

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