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Outdoor Storage Buildings

Many companies require outdoor storage. Outdoor storage sheds and other outdoor buildings allow users to safely secure items in a less costly environment than indoors. Many items that companies store can be stored at ambient temperature. Why bother to heat or cool the air surrounding items not ill affected by changes in temperature? Of course you should store these items in outdoor buildings by A Plus Warehouse.

Outdoor storage sheds can be used to store bicycles, and supplies of all types. Of course smokers are now sent outdoors to smoke. When they do, it is very considerate to provide shelters for the smokers. A Plus Warehouse has taken the outdoor storage concept for products and applied it to smokers for our smokers shelter. Why not show some respect for smokers and give them a place to safely enjoy their break time?

When some customers think about outdoor storage sheds, they are really thinking of outdoor drum storage buildings. A Plus Warehouse distributes a fine line of outdoor storage buildings for storage of various hazardous, flammable and corrosive chemicals. We provide quality outdoor buildings by Securall that are designed to meet safety codes at federal state and local levels of government. Of course it is up to the customer to make sure that the building being produced passes the demands of the local fire marshall. If you need to store hazardous materials outdoors, please do not order basic inexpensive outdoor storage sheds from us. A better choice would be our outdoor drum storage buildings in that case. Our Outdoor storage shed is made in USA by Vestil - a well respected manufacturer nationwide. The outdoor building is constructed of maintenance free galvanized corrugated paneling. The modular design makes assembly simple. Built in rain gutters are included as well.

The smokers outdoor shed is 108 inches wide x 72 d x 88 h and includes a bench for seating and a clear 42 inch panel that allows for some protection from the wind. The standard basic outdoor building is pad lockable.

Why should you order an outdoor building from A Plus Warehouse like our outdoor storage shed? AQ Plus Warehouse is a customer focused national industrial distributor specializing in storage and handling. We have been a trusted source for Roach conveyors for years now - and that is a quite prestigious line. Roach conveyors are stocked in thousands of sizes for immediate delivery. If you order a powered or gravity conveyor from A Plus Warehouse - there is a great chance it will ship within 2 days! We also are the dealer that brought you the well renowned BigBlue Cabinets and KingCab Cabinets and Rhino lockers.

A Plus Warehouse constantly is on the lookout for great products our valued customers need. You can count on us to bring you the innovative products you need for your operation. This includes outdoor storage. Of course as a national distributor for Penco and Lyons as well as List Industries, it is clear we have all the indoor storage equipment you'd ever need. When Vestil came to us showing a great line of outdoor storage sheds , we knew we had some great American made items fro our customers. The Vestil product along with Securall makes a fairly complete offering, although we also distribute PortaKing's line of outdoor and indoor buildings as well.

A Plus Warehouse is your right choice right now!

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