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Steel Cabinets

Steel Cabinets and storage cabinets are always available from A Plus Warehouse for prompt shipment.  Steel units range from the Ultra Rugged 12 GA steel to the BigBlue 14 GAuge cabinet and the lighter duty 16 and 18 ga cabinets as well.

Durham makes a fine line of steel drawer cabinets as well as Lyons and KingCab.  A Plus Warehouse is able to ship your storage cabinet order promptly and at a great price point.  When you want cabinets, you do not want to wait.  We are ready to ship many of our items nationwide from stock.

You can count on A Plus Warehouse for your conveyor needs as steel cabinet customers frequently have requirements for gravity conveyors and power conveyors as well.  We take the A Plus Warehouse philosophy to conveyors by offering thousands of stock keeping units (SKUs) for 48 hour delivery.  We consider this a conveyor stockyard concept.  Don’t forget that you have counted on us for lockers and steel shelving as well.

Our sales team at A Plus Warehouse in unrivalled!  Our people are expertly trained on customer relation issues as well as exhaustive product classes.  Many of the items you buy from us, you’ll do so only a few times in your career.  We understand this, and don’t require that you become an expert to become an A Plus Warehouse customer.  We keep the process simple and help you through the process.  Our site helps by providing only as much information as required.  We don’t believe in information overload!  For those who enjoy lots of data, we are always willing to provide detailed information as available from our varied and excellent vendors.

We have thousands of pleased customers in business, government, universities, schools, law offices, doctor’s offices, hospitals, and even consumers.  We have attracted and maintained these customers by providing great service while selling great quality cabinets, steel drawer cabinets and other material handling and storage products.

When interested in steel cabinets, you are encouraged to call us at 800-209-8798 for product selection help.  With hundreds of items available, how can you know what steel cabinet you need?  We can guide you to the cabinet you want based on your capacity requirement, your preference in assembled versus unassembled, and brand preference as well.  Of course all of our cabinets are quality items – yet some customers want to store 2000 pounds per shelf.  This customer needs our KingCab, BigBlue or Hallowell all welded cabinet.  A customer looking for a see through office cabinet would probably want a Tennsco or Qualcab cabinet.  We ask the right questions and speed you along to the item that best fits your requirements.

Some customers prefer working with us by email.  We will work with you as you prefer.  You can click on the contact us button, and type in whatever you want.  Our response time is among the best in the industry.

A Plus Warehouse is your right choice right now!! Why not give us a try for your valued business.