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Steel Cabinets

Steel storage cabinets are a sturdy form of storage for all commercial or industrial applications.  A Plus Warehouse has a range of steel storage cabinets, available now and ready to ship. These products range from ultra-rugged 12 GA steel cabinets to lighter 16 GA cabinets. We also have the wildly popular and visually appealing Big Blue cabinets in 14 GA steel. Configure them to your specifications and order now!

Steel Cabinets Provide All the Necessary Storage Features

Steel storage cabinets are used in business, government, education, and even medical industries. They are also commonly bought at the consumer level. Whatever your needs, we have your ideal steel cabinet style. Take a look at our variety of configurations and features:  

All-welded. Steel materials provide you with products that are built to last. All-welded steel enhances the sturdy construction of our cabinets, making them strong and secure.  

Drawered. Cabinets with drawers and expanded metal doors add more storage options for your facility. Drawers can handle hundreds of pounds for your convenience, which simplifies distributing weight and organizing items.  

See-through. Cabinets with ventilated and see-through doors provide you with high visibility and storage. Mesh is a preferred type of door, and scratch-resistant plexi is available as well. Great for finding what you need right away!  

Rust-resistant. Stainless steel isn’t the only rust-free storage solution at your disposal. Galvaneel is a carbon steel sheet coated with zinc that provides these cabinets with heavy duty construction at a lower cost. Ideal for food service and pharmaceutical applications, Galvaneel steel storage cabinets are a great choice.  

Economy. Office storage on a budget is possible with economy-style steel cabinets. These are made of 26 GA steel, offering you strength and space for a large amount of office supplies.  

Jumbo. Sometimes you need more than the normal amount of storage. Jumbo steel industrial storage cabinet products are a heavy duty option. These offer you more weight per shelf than any other cabinet!  

Quality Steel Cabinets from Trusted Name Brands

KingCab steel cabinets by Strong Hold are a time-tested product used by many industries. We offer several configurations to meet your storage needs.

Hallowell makes the heavy duty, rust-resistant Galvaneel cabinets, while Tennsco comes assembled or unassembled for your convenience.

Big Blue are among our most eye-catching steel cabinets. These attractive steel storage cabinets offer a lot of strength. Big Blue are available in both drawers and bins for tidy organization of your small parts. Also available in Green Monster variety!  

A Plus Warehouse Ships Your Steel Cabinet Order Promptly

A Plus Warehouse is ready to ship your steel cabinet order wherever you may be. We ship nationwide from stock at a great price point. Whether you’re ready to order by phone or simply need help getting the product you need, please contact us. We’re ready and waiting to hear from you!  

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