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three drawer black tie cabinet
three drawer black tie cabinet nine drawer black tie cabinet six drawer black tie cabinet

Black Tie Cabinets With Heavy Duty Drawers

  • We show the Black Tie Cabinet in THREE styles
  • Three, Six and Nine Drawer
  • This family is EXCLUSIVELY black with red drawers
  • For a range of colors consider the three drawer Bigblue Cabinet or the six drawer or nine drawer version
  • Three point locking mechanism
  • Shelf capacity is hefty 1,500# with 225# drawer capacity each
  • Rugged 14 GA Welded and ready to use
  • Shown with optional 6 in legs
  • Consider getting casters for mobility
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Drawer Cabinets

Product No. W X D X HNumber Of Shelves Price Ea 1-10Price Ea 11+ Qty
BT3624-3 36 x 24 x 723 $1,289.34 $1,263.55
BT4824-6 48 x 24 x 723 $1,709.27 $1,675.08
BT6024-9 60 x 24 x 723 $1,983.01 $1,943.35

Options & Accessories

Product No. Desc Price Ea 1-10Price Ea 11+ Qty
6IN-LEG 6 IN Leg Option $45.10 $44.20
CASTER-24 Caster Set 5x2 Phenolic $188.19 $184.43

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