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Wall Mounted Cabinets

Wall cabinets are excellent to have in an area that may be short on floor space. If there is no room to put a cabinet on the floor that doesn’t mean you cannot get a cabinet. In fact, you can get a cabinet specific for that situation. Whether you want the wall mounted cabinet for spatial purposes or you just like the look and idea of it, well we have that here for you at A Plus Warehouse. We can sell you many different types of mounted cabinets. We have locking ones, see through ones, stainless steel ones, and several others. We are sure that you will find the right one to suit you!

No Need to Take up Precious Floor Space

The main reason people love these cabinets is because of the amount of space it takes up! It will take no floor space leaving you with more room in your work zone to either work or have another piece of furniture. Not much will go on a wall anyway so when installing a wall mounted cabinet, you will not be taking up much wall space because what else could be on the wall? This is a great way to store items overhead, that you may not need accessible 24/7. This will clear up your workspace allowing you to be less distracted by a messy area since items will be stored away.

Safety First!

When mounting this cabinet be sure to mount it on to either concrete or a wall stud! We want your cabinet to be secure onto your wall. Safety always comes first at A Plus Warehouse. Once you have your cabinet installed why not place one of our work benches under it? This would be the perfect placement because if you need another tool all you would have to do is reach up into your new cabinet then place it on your table.


Hospitality Wall Cabinets

Our hospitality wall cabinet features one adjustable shelf, and  ¾” thick TFM laminate construction. Shelf holds up to 100 pounds. Product also comes in three different designer colors including black, mahogany, and white. Product can be easily assembled with connector pins and cam lock fasteners. Wall mounting hardware is not included with purchase.

About Us and Our Vendors

A Plus Warehouse is known for selling warehouse equipment, but over the years we have expanded our horizons and have sold food service equipment, material handling, coolers, and many other items. Having been in the wholesale distribution business for over 20 years we have created loyal connections with some of the best vendors. We have been working with some of these vendors now for years, so we trust them. In our office we have sales reps who are well trained and who have been here for years, so they know how to fix most problems. If you have an issue, need help, or want to make a quote the sales reps at A Plus Warehouse are ready to help you. A Plus Warehouse is your right choice – right now!

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