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Live Roller Conveyors

Are you looking for a live roller conveyor? Well, you have come to the right place. Conveyors are an A Plus Warehouse specialty! Light, medium, and heavy-duty conveyors are all available.  Live roller conveyors combine the best of power and roller conveyors.

Roller Conveyors

Our roller conveyor selection is very vast. You can count on these items to move equipment from one area to another. Your ideal product varies greatly depending on your application. Roller conveyors let gravity do most of the work.  Ordering is simple. Check your capacity, between frame, and length.  Sales reps assist in making sure you are getting exactly what you are looking for. Rollers are typically set high.  Our medium duty roller conveyor is relatively popular. There are many different sizes and options with this product. Product includes1.9 X 16 GA galvanized rollers.

Power Conveyors

    Power Conveyors are often used in warehouses and manufacturing plants. The difference between these and roller conveyors is that these are powered by electricity. This is better for moving small parts. Any application that requires motorized movement and enhanced efficiency needs a powered roller conveyor.  One of our more popular power conveyors is the Deluxe Incline Conveyor.  This product is ideal for a steep incline. Belt is rugged 2 Ply Black Rough Top.

Power with a bit of help from Gravity

    A live conveyor provides easy transportation for a large variety of products. They are great for merge or sort functions. Live roller conveyors  save time and increaser worker productivity for a less expensive price than many other power conveyors. This still gets the help from gravity.

    Our Light Duty Model includes 1 3/8 Dia X 18 GA rollers driven with a 6-inch belt. It is 60 FPM with 1/3 HP 240/460 3 PH motor.  Medium Duty Model includes 1.9” Dia X 16 GA Rollers with a 6 inch belt. Motor is the same as light duty model. Finally, the heavy duty model has 3 ½” Diameter rollers with .300 thickness. This is the most rugged live roller conveyor is production. Again, motor is the same as the other two models. We highly recommend conveyor stands with this product. One stand for every five feet is standard. None of these models include electrical controls. A licensed electrician is needed.

Why A Plus Warehouse

A Plus Warehouse is your right source right now for live roller conveyors. We are a company large enough to fulfil your order but small enough to know that every order matters! Call us today at 800-209-8798.

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