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Roach Conveyor

Roach Conveyor of Arkansas is a premier conveyor manufacturer. They design heavy duty specialized conveyors for a range of industrial applications. Choose from medium duty, heavy duty, and extra heavy duty Roach conveyor systems for moving large loads of  materials and products. Increase work efficiency with traditional straight conveyors or add convenience with incline conveyors. Roach Conveyor products are only available through distributors. Choose A Plus Warehouse and get your conveyor system shipped promptly!

Heavy Duty Roach Conveyors Offer Integrated Material Handling Systems

If you're looking for a conveyor system, a Roach conveyor is an excellent choice. Roach focuses on manufacturing simple yet durable conveyors with long-lasting use in mind. Your manufacturing plant, shipping yard, or industrial warehouse will benefit from a Roach Conveyor from A Plus Warehouse!  

Medium Duty Roach conveyors are always available from A Plus Warehouse. Features include a capacity of over 1000 lbs. and a range of stand heights. A wide variety of lengths and roller center sizes are also available. Curved sections and guard rails may be added too! Customize the perfect conveyor system with medium duty Roach Conveyors.  

Heavy Duty Roach Conveyors offer you all the custom specifications of Roach's medium duty products. However, the capacity of these conveyors are almost double. 3400-lb. support comes in 10-foot sections, while the 5-foot sections have 7500-lb. capacities. These are made from formed steel materials that are built to last and can handle all your heavy loads.

Extra heavy duty conveyors are also available and capable of handling 700 lbs. per roller for a total of 8000 lbs.!

When you need unrivaled carrying capacity, Roach's Maximum Capacity Roller Conveyors are what you want. These have frame capacities that range from 6000 to 10,000 lbs. Extra rollers are also an option if you want to prepare for any future maintenance you may have to perform.  

A Plus Warehouse is Your Roach Conveyor Distributor

Roach Conveyors is a renowned brand with a simple philosophy: "Whatever it takes." We at A Plus Warehouse are pleased to be a chosen distributor of not only their conveyors but Roach Conveyor parts as well. We provide quick shipping and complete satisfaction on all Roach Conveyors and parts. For our nationwide customers, you deserve nothing but the best. And with Roach Conveyors and A Plus Warehouse, that’s exactly what you’ll get!   Contact us to get help building your integrated Roach conveyor system!

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