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Roller Conveyors

There are a million applications for Roller Conveyors, and A Plus Warehouse has seen a lot of them. We stock Gravity Roller Conveyors from 1.9 inch diameter roller all the way to 3 inch diameter roller. We also carry mini roller conveyors with a roller diameter of .75 inches and a minimum roller center of 1 inch. If you are conveying a 5 inch package , the mini is clearly your best bet. If you need amazing capacity, we provide 3.5 inch roller conveyor in a massive 8 inch structural frame. These extra heavy duty roller conveyors have capacities in excess of 20,000 pounds. Our ever popular HDRC conveyor sports a 2 1/2 inch roller and can be ordered with structural channels and still ship on a next working day basis.  Structural channel is good when loading by machine

A Plus Warehouse makes your roller conveyor ordering easy.  We clearly display the prices for accessories such as curves , rails , and stands.  A Plus Warehouse salespeople are ready to help!