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Stainless Steel Roller Conveyors

Why choose a stainless steel conveyor over any other kind of conveyor? Simple—they are perfect for wash down and food service applications. There are some industries that absolutely need to have a conveyor that runs smoothly, cleans easily, and will last for years. That's just what you'll get when you choose stainless steel conveyors! A Plus Warehouse has stainless steel conveyor belts from medium duty with 1 5/8 in rollers to pallet-handling stainless conveyors with 3.5 in diameter rollers. We sell the finest stainless steel conveyors by Omni as well as Roll-A-Way conveyors to give you a quality product. Choose one today!

Medium, Expandable, and Extra Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Conveyors

At A Plus Warehouse, we offer three conveyor styles in stainless steel to meet your needs: medium, heavy duty expandable, and extra heavy duty. Depending on your needs, these can cover a wide range of applications, from food service and handling to manufacturing. The stainless steel quality of these conveyors gets you a product you can count on to work flawlessly every time. Our stainless steel conveyors are USDA-approved, so you can safely transport produce or other food handling equipment along their smooth surfaces.  

Medium duty stainless steel conveyor systems are ideal when you need a lightweight stainless steel roller conveyor system with above-average weight capacity. We have both 5-foot and 10-foot long sections for your convenience, the latter of which have a capacity of 900 pounds. The 16-gauge industrial stainless steel rollers on these conveyors support 100 pounds per roller, and are 1-5/8-inches in diameter.  

Expandable conveyors, also called accordion conveyors, offer you convenience at a great price. These heavy duty conveyors come in sizes 30 to 42 1/2 inches high and can expand to up to 24 feet! They each have a 150-pound capacity per foot, making them great for transporting boxes to and from loading trucks. These make great additions to your fulfillment center or manufacturing plant, as they can make getting products from one side of your warehouse to the delivery truck practically effortless. Just position yourself at the other end and receive them as they come down the line!  

Our extra heavy duty stainless steel conveyors come in 10-foot sections with 3 1/2-inch diameter stainless steel rollers. These conveyors reach 36-inches in height with legs included. When you need to move pallets or other large loads, only extra heavy duty stainless steel conveyors can do the job. Featuring an 8000-pound capacity per 10-foot section, these conveyors offer you one of the most durable solutions for moving materials.  

Why You Should Go with Stainless Steel Products

Stainless steel products are a specialty at A Plus Warehouse. While conveyors add function and convenience to your industrial facility, getting them in stainless steel gives you an even better product. Stainless steel is resistant to rust and corrosion, which means you can use them even in wet conditions without worry. This is why stainless steel conveyors are ideal for wash-down applications, where cleaning them with clean water is the most efficient way to ensure your workplace keeps moving.  

Stainless steel is also lightweight, making these products easy to position right where you need them. This makes our expandable accordion conveyors, which have wheels, even easier to put right where you need them.  

Be Sure to Order from A Plus Warehouse!

We can help you choose which of our three conveyors is best for your facility. Call us at 800-209-8798 or contact us online. Our sales staff is ready to help you in whatever way we can to make sure you get the products you need! If you've never used stainless steel belt conveyors, you don't know what you're missing! Choose A Plus Warehouse today!

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