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Dock Seals

Dock seals are an important part of your loading dock operation, and A Plus Warehouse is a premier dealer for dock seals and similar pieces of dock equipment. A dock seal is used to give a level of protection from the elements when a truck is pulled up to the dock door. When there is not a truck at the door, a roll up door is usually used. Learn about the dock equipment A Plus Warehouse has to offer!

Sales Process

A quick word on how we sell dock seals. You can order standard product right online or call us for specialty help on dock seals at 800-209-8798. Specialized dock seals are quoted based on a simple yet complete template we fax to the customer and get all dimensions nailed down.

Dock Shelters vs Dock Seals

Dock shelters and dock seals are very similar items that perform similar tasks. They both save our customers money every day. They cover up those small gaps around parked trailers. Left exposed, those gaps can cause product damage and provide and uncomfortable work environment for employees.

Dock shelters tend to be more expensive but have a longer life span. They typically fit in areas with larger dock door openings. Dock seals are better for covering smaller gaps. They are more prone to wear and tear, but these features can be reduced with friction-resistant fabric.

Dock Seal and Shelter Combination

A Plus Warehouse offers the best of both worlds with the dock seal and shelter combination. This combination is ideal for an 8’ W X 10’ H dock door. The top of this product is sloped door water runoff. We offer this item with 10,15, and 20 inch projection. We recommend the 20-inch projection when using with our popular edge of dock leveler.

A Safe Dock

Dock seals are part of what is required for safe, efficient dock operations. Trailer stabilizing jacks, wheel chocks, hand trucks, dock plates, dock boards, and platform trucks are also all important products for dock safety. We provide all these items nationwide at value pricing.

Your Right Source, Right Now

When ordering a semi-custom dock seal, or even basic dock seal an approval drawing is always provided. Dock seals are very complicated, and all needs are very different. We do not want to risk malfunction! This is also an important step as dock seals are non-cancelable and non-returnable.

 A Plus Warehouse has many years of experience selling dock seals and other dock equipment. Coast to coast and internationally, A Plus Warehouse is able to help with any dock equipment or material handling equipment needs you may have. We look forward to handling your dock shelter needs. Order Now!

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