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Trailer Stabilizing Jack

Look no further than A Plus Warehouse for your trailer stabilizing jack. They are safe and secure support needed for trailers when loading and unloading. Stabilizing jacks are a must have when a semi-trailer is not attached to a tractor. They prevent many potential accidents such as upending Semi- Trailers and worker injury. This will keep your dock operation safe!  This is also why they are colored with a highly visible yellow! Safety is important for every work place, particularly on a busy loading dock. We want to help customers make sure their work place is safe! A trailer stabilizing jack is a step in the right direction. Always be very careful when operating machinery! Learn more about trailer stabilizing jacks today!

If you want the benefits of a stabilizing jack while also saving some money, you can’t go wrong with the economical trailer stabilizing jack. This is a lightweight yet especially strong jack with a 50,000 load capacity. This trailer jack features heavy duty dome shaped 14” diameter base and is available from 44 to 51 inches. Base size provides needed stability. On the opposite end of the spectrum, the big foot stabilizing jack is great for customers wanting maximum trailer stability. This product can safely support two heavy trailers! Two way ratchet has 2 inch diameter screw. Lifting capacity is 40,000 pounds whereas static capacity is 80,000 pounds. Usable range varies from 39” to 51”. The base measures 27” W X 48” L and a 7” diameter top cap for even load distribution. Jack rolls on 10” semi pneumatic wheels. This stabilizing jack gets the tough work done!

Trailer stabilizing jacks as shown are very important to dock safety.  Other dock safety products sold at A Plus Warehouse include but are not limited to dock gates, dock watchers, and wheel chocks. Safety equipment is very important for any operation. But is also very important for personnel to use this equipment correctly. Workers should also be very careful when operating machinery of any kind. It is important to properly set up our safety equipment and take your time as opposed to rushing through the process. This can save a life! One should never be sloppy when it comes to the crucial issue of safety. You can count on A Plus Warehouse to sell you high quality trailer stabilizing jacks. Do not hesitate to contact us at 800-209-8798. We would love to help you. Order Now!

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