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Frequenty Asked Questions Page

What is the difference between shelving starters and adders?

A starter unit is one complete unit that can stand alone. It is needed for any run of shelving units. Adders cannot stand alone. They share a side with the prior unit in the run. For example, a run of 5 shelving units requires 1 starter and 4 adders. Penco shelving is the exception to this rule. With Penco shelving order as many units as you need plus an end piece.  For example, in a run of 5 Penco Shelving units, 5 shelving units plus one end piece is required.


What is a Locker Tier?

A Locker tier is an opening in a single vertical column of a locker. For example, a triple their locker has three openings in one column, whereas a single tier only has one opening. Lockers are often sold as either one wide or three wide. A one wide triple tier locker has three openings all together whereas a three wide triple tier locker has nine openings all together.


What does KD mean when ordering lockers, cabinets, shelving, or racks?

KD stands for knocked down. This is another way of saying that a product ships unassembled. Ordering KD saves customers money on freight but also takes more effort to assemble. Assembled lockers are more common, outselling KD lockers 3:1.


What is a roller center in regard to gravity conveyors?

A roller center is the amount of distance in a frame between the center of the rollers. The tighter the roller center, the smaller a box can be. Applications require a minimum of three rollers under a load.


 How do I order a dirt or aggregate conveyor?

Aggregate conveyors are typically purchased in three steps. Customers should first pick the belt size, steel tubing, and length. The second step is picking out either a single phase or 3 phase motor. Finally, customers pick a controller. A Plus Warehouse offers a large variety of controllers from a simple on/off switch to a variable speed drive.  Other options are also available; ask your sales representative for more details.


What does set high mean in regard to roller conveyors?

Rollers set high means that they are set above the frame. This is the A Plus Warehouse standard with all gravity conveyors, unless stated otherwise specifically.  Although most customers prefer rollers to be set high, some customers prefer rollers set low to be used as guard rails. Customers can also order guardrails separately with conveyors with rollers set high as well.


What does TOS stand for when ordering conveyor stands?

TOS stands for top of stand. This is a height range to the top of the stand in question. To calculate total height, add TOS height, frame height, and set high distance.


How quickly do you ship lockers?

Most of our lockers ship within one week. Customized lockers typically take longer than this. Ask a sales representative for more information.


What do I do if my shipment looks damaged?

When accepting delivery, it is always important to inspect the shipment and note any damage on the delivery receipt if applicable.


What is structural pallet rack?


Structural pallet rack is rack made from structural steel. They are the heaviest duty pallet racks on the market.



What is the difference between Penco Pallet Racks and Lynx Racks?


Lynx rack components can work with Penco Pallet Racks and are in stock while Penco Pallet Racks take a longer time to ship. The two are not identical! Beams should not be mixed per level or unit.




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