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Trash cans and Recycling

Trash cans and recycling is a vital part of any operation. All industries create trash, and all trash must be discarded in one way or another. They are one of the most important factions of janitorial supplies.  They are used frequently by janitors to clean up an area, but they are also used by  most people in there day to day life.  Our trash cans keep your area and the earth clean. All waste has  a place, whether be a trash can or recycling bin. Recycling is very important. It helps to take care of our planet.  Of course, not everything is recyclable. This is why we also sell trash cans.

Try out our mix and match waste receptacles. This product has different areas to throw out your cans, paper, plastic, recycle, and waste. They fit together nicely and can be used in typically unusable corners. The product features endless configurations. Waste receptacle features steel base and stainless steel lids. Discard all your waste in one area with our mix and match waste receptacle!

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