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Adjustable Step Mate Stand

Adjustable Step Mate Stand

  • This rugged and durable Step-Mate Stand brings the worker up to the optimum working height with an economical platform.
  • Serrated work surface provides maximum traction even in wet applications.

12" Deep

Product No. Overall Size W x LWt. (lbs.)Service Height 1st StepService Height 2nd Step Price Ea. Qty
HASP-24 24 x 24"346-10.5"13-17.5" $376.64
HASP-36 24 x 36"486-10.5"13-17.5" $403.04
HASP-48 24 x 48"666-10.5"13-17.5" $440.00
HASP-60 24 x 60"776-10.5"13-17.5" $487.52
HASP-72 24 x 72"946-10.5"13-17.5" $601.92

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