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Antimicrobial Lockers

Antimicrobial lockers are used in hospitals and doctors’ offices to minimize the spread of  disease calling microbes.  When people touch lockers , microbes of all sorts get attached to the locker paint coating and start reproducing.  Our Antimicrobial health care lockers have a specially engineered finish that mitigates microbes.

Immediate Delivery

There are other suppliers of health care lockers, but A Plus Warehouse is one of the few that ship from stock.  Why wait 10 weeks to get any lockers? With single tier antimicrobial lockers and double tier antimicrobial lockers , you will get immediate delivery from A Plus Warehouse.

Fully Assembled

Our Anti-Microbial lockers are provided fully assembled to save you time.  We can also ship unassembled to save you money if you have the labor to put the lockers together.  Unassembled lockers have assembled door frames, but back and side pieces need to be assembled along with the shelves and dividers as provided.

Most of our lockers come with the option of shipping fully assembled or unassembled. Most of our customers order fully assembled for the convenience! Our other popular locker categories including school, gym, and metal lockers.

Our Products

Our single tier antimicrobial lockers include one hat shelf and 16 Ga louvered doors for ventilation. Product is available either 1 or 3 columns wide. The double tier version has one double prong ceiling hook and two single prong hooks per opening. Both versions are in stock for immediate delivery and finished with a nice platinum coat.



Our antimicrobial lockers are manufactured by Hallowell, a top tier vendor for us. The company has been an industry leader in product design and development for over 60 years!

All their products are manufactured in Florida. The plant utilizes very impressive technology including computer-controlled fabricating and roll-forming equipment. They are constantly striving toward product innovation.

Other Antimicrobial Products


Lockers are not the only category of product that we have an anti microbial option. We also have an antimicrobial wire cart and plastic mat shelving. These products also inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungi!

The wire cart comes with 5” non-marking polyurethane tires than reduce debris pick up in hubs. New bearing raceway guards also shield top caster bearings from dirt and chemicals.

Plastic Mat shelving acts as standard shelving. It stores goods and inventory, while also proving better ventilation! The product also will not dent, rust, or chip.


Your Right Source, Right Now

Our antimicrobial lockers have a powder coat finish that protects against bacteria, mold, yeast and mildew for up to 20 years! Whatever the locker you require , A Plus Warehouse is ready to help.

We have been in business for over 20 years, and our sales staff is the best! They are very well trained, experienced, and incredibly friendly. A Plus Warehouse is a company big enough to fulfil your need, but small enough to know that ever order matters!

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