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Box Lockers

Box Lockers is a favorite item here at A Plus Warehouse. Our customers cannot get enough of these types of lockers because they are just like any ordinary locker in the case that they can store your items, but unlike any other they are sized like a square. Box lockers also tend to come in a group. Our single tier lockers are likely to be seen with a few next to each other, but the box lockers are likely to be seen in stacked rows. A box locker is the perfect size to store your valuable items. A Plus Warehouse provides box lockers so you can find the perfect storage system that isn’t too big for your small sized valuables.

Your Trusted Source

Our company looks for the best options of warehouse equipment to sell to our customers. We only want the best for them, and what is best for them is best for us. We choose our vendors carefully. Our vendors have been around for a long time just like us. Through the many years of being in business we have learned to pick the best vendors and eliminate some others. We buy our box lockers from Hallowell, Penco, Lyons, Pucel, Parent Metal, Tensco, and in Canada we have ALB Plus. Hallowell has distribution points nationwide and Tensco is in Tennessee. Hallowell, Penco, and Tensco all have a quick ship option for their more popular items. Some of our box lockers we buy from them are rather popular and have a quick shipping time.

Choosing the Right One

When choosing which A Plus Warehouse box locker is right, the choice is nearly impossible to go wrong. All our box lockers are durable and simple to use. We have Digitech box lockers for the security of your items. For other locking systems we also have simple built in ones. Some of the lockers are corrosion resistant. Our vented box lockers are great for items that require a flow of air, for example sneakers. The slope master box lockers will prevent any items from getting stuck and lost on top of the locker. Of all the lockers we can sell you, you are bound to find one that will fit your needs. Many schools like to buy our single tier lockers. We have a large page of school lockers because many schools buy from us. You can choose from single, triple, and double tier lockers, along with Slopemaster ones and box ones.

Where are They Used?

Many places have box lockers because they are small but still a locking storage system.. You can see these lockers in any school, office building or manufacturing facility.

Buy your box lockers from A Plus Warehouse, and we know you will be happy with your choice!

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