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Cell Phone Lockers

Cell phone lockers from the warehouse equipment specialists, A Plus Warehouse, combine the security of lockers with the convenience of 21st century technology. These specialized lockers offer secure cell phone, tablet, and small item storage for any facility, from government to educational use and more. Select the style of lockers that best fit your needs and order them from A Plus Warehouse today!

Browse Our Types of Cell Phone Lockers

Cell phones and tablets come in all shapes and sizes. To provide sufficient security and storage for the various models out there, cell phone lockers have just as many options and price points for you to choose from.

Economy lockers offer secure storage at an attractive price. Available in cell phone and cell phone/tablet configurations, these lockers can be mounted either surface or recessed.

We have several wall mount cell phone and tablet locker options that might interest you. These lockers save space by attaching right to the wall, making cell phone storage more convenient for your staff.

A cell phone locker with wood trim combines security with visual appeal. The light grey paint of the locker stands out against the cool, natural wood tones of the trim. Available in oak, walnut, and maple.

The deluxe 10 door locker is perfect for the ever-increasing size of today’s smartphones and tablets. Fits phones up to 9” in diameter.

Maximize Your Security and Space

Cell phone lockers have one purpose—to protect valuable small electronics and items. However, the ways they do this can vary, as they can come in a variety of styles. These specialized lockers can meet just about any need with a number of designs. 

Better Security – Each cell phone locker from A Plus Warehouse comes with either key locks, non-locking thumb turn locks, or a combination of both. Phone and tablet doors come with two keys per locking door.

More Space – Cell phone lockers are great for rooms of any size. Some can be installed surface mounted, which is better when you’re working with limited wall depth. You may also choose recessed, which makes the most of your space; this type of  locker is set right into the wall.

Order from A Plus Warehouse Today

When you need secure, convenient cell phone and tablet storage, cell phone lockers are what you want. They can even store keys and other small items. We at A Plus Warehouse carry a selection of lockers with enough security to provide you with peace of mind, and we’d love to help you find it.

Contact us today and let one of our helpful sales representatives find you what you need!

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