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Coin Operated Lockers

Coin operated lockers are a standard product at A Plus Warehouse and are used by Universities, schools, government entities, bowling alleys, and any location requiring lockers for consumer use. The most common ones A Plus Warehouse sells to are water parks and trampoline parks. Coin operated lockers are known as coin lockers as well. In ordering a coin locker, it is important to decide how much will be charged for use and if the money will be returned to the user.

Box Lockers

Standard coin-op box lockers include a zinc coated steel. Product can be finished with a polyurethane, polyester, or epoxy baked on powder coat. Many customers also choose to order 4 inch base with his product.

Our water park box lockers are a popular choice not just for water parks, but for any wet environment. The product is made with rust-proof stainless steel. Lockers can be 4, 5, or 6 tiers.

Coin Arrangement

When ordering your coin lockers from A Plus Warehouse, our website not only lets you choose the color, but also allows you to choose the coin arrangement. To keep the decision simple, we offer quarter increments to 8 quarters per operation. In most situations, we suggest 2-4 quarter operation, but the choice is completely yours, and the locks are factory set. If you are looking for another dime or other increments instead of quarters, or looking for non-US currency, please contact your sales representative.

Coin Return Feature

A Plus Warehouse sells coin operated lockers mostly with coin collect. The Coin Locker return feature is available in many sizes at a premium. For convenience, we also provide quarter sized tokens for coin operated lockers. Some users want the durability and security of coin operated lockers without charging the users. Cases of this include court houses as well as police stations. Tokens can be put out for users to take as they will and use for the coin operated lockers.

Even More Options

Our coin operated lockers come with many different options. Customers like our wide variety of color options. Colors include but are not limited to beige, black, blue, ivory, red, green, pumpkin, and orange.

Popular options include the coin return feature mentioned above, side panels, slope tops, and lock mechanism in case of stolen keys. Extra keys are also available. A Plus Warehouse offers a customer key, master key, and coinbox key.

Your Right Source, Right Now

At some point in your ordering process, you may well want to get a quick education in coin lockers. Most customers order a product as ours once or twice per career, so being a local expert is not in the interest of our end users. A Plus Warehouse staff is ready and willing to give you all the information you need to make your order.

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