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Industrial Grade Lockers

Heavy duty metal lockers are used by industry , government and heavy distribution operations. A Plus Warehouse is a national leader in Heavy Duty Metal Lockers offering all welded units with up to 12 GA metal thickness. 

Employee Lockers

Lets consider the typical user of extra heavy duty metal lockers. This customer probably has rough and tumble employees - think construction and heavy manufacturing. These employees need to also store heavy tools in their lockers as well. The typical complaint we get is that their traditional school lockers just wont hold up to the abuse , and are too narrow for their use. Our 12 GA heavy duty locker can hold over 400 pounds on the locker shelf. Clearly , the most massive hand tool and employee may ever use will not damage our extra heavy duty lockers. Another customer may well order our Rhino heavy duty metal lockers. Rhino product is quite large offering a footprint of 4 square feet. A typical school locker sports between 1 and 2.25 square feet. Rhino Extra heavy duty metal lockers can be made with slam doors for automatic locking as well as with vented sides and doors for better air flow without affecting security.

Why A Plus Warehouse

Why order Heavy duty lockers from A Plus Warehouse? We are a nationwide dealer offering quality product at value pricing with unparalleled customer service. You are dealing with a company large enough to handle all your requirements, yet small enough to value your business. Our highly trained salespeople understand how to serve your needs. You also want to consider us as a single source for so much of your warehouse and operational needs. We sell industrial mats , shelving , racks , hoists, conveyors, work benches, plastic bins , cabinets and a great offering of material handling equipment. You already count on us for other industrial products , why not purchase your heavy duty metal lockers from us as well ?

Another factor to consider is our product line depth. Many competitors don't show and heavy duty lockers at all at their websites. We show several - each with various size offerings. Others can look at A Plus Warehouse products then try to engineer a product at our price, but do you want the first of a produced item? Our products are already engineered to exacting specifications, and have all had a stable manufacturing process over 5 years old for our newest product. Clearly, our product is tried and true, and available for purchase right now.

A Plus Warehouse also satisfies the needs of the entire country with regional distribution centers. We have customers from Boston to LA on from Dallas to Detroit. Come join in! We want you as a customer. Come to us and order heavy duty lockers or whatever else you may need. You will get the world famous A Plus Warehouse service that our customers have been enjoying for over 10 years.

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