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Locker Boxes

A Plus Warehouse is your source for stackable locker boxes; they are of high quality and not as expensive as all those other locker boxes you may find elsewhere. Not many companies can sell you a single box locker but here at A Plus Warehouse we are here to provide you with that. We know that not everyone wants to buy a whole bunch of lockers, sometimes they just might want one. That is when we come in hand, we will sell you our unique single box locker.

Where Will I Use This?

You would find this sort of product in a work space, office, warehouse, or a school. The possibilities of where you could use one of these is endless. Everywhere that you would put a locker, you can also put a box locker. It is simple and small, a space saving storage unit. Why buy a large locker when you can save not only money but space with our box lockers? Our modubox unique lockers let you stack your boxes as high at 7 levels. The interlocking allows for an infinite number of columns. Not only are these little lockers convenient but they do have several color options too. Choose from gray, beige, dark blue, light blue, orange, or red. These color options will add some personality into your work space.

Then What are Box Lockers?

A Plus Warehouse also has a box locker page. Box lockers are a very similar idea to our locker box. The main difference is that you are unlikely to find our box lockers alone, they come in a group of other lockers whereas locker boxes on this page come as a single unit that can be stacked if one wants to do so. With all these different sorts of lockers you are bound to find one that suits you and your company.

About Us

A Plus Warehouse has been selling warehouse equipment for over 20 years. We are planning to continue and grow even more. There is no limit as to improvement, we can always find a new way to improve and satisfy our customers needs even more. The sales reps at A Plus Warehouse are always ready to speak with our customers. Our employees are well experienced and have been with us for a while so any inquiry you may have we can solve. A Plus Warehouse is the source to trust when you want to buy warehouse equipment, and other supplies.

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