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Lockers for Employees

A Plus Warehouse is your source for employee lockers. We distribute a fine line of employee lockers by Lyons, Penco, Hallowell, Tennsco and others as well. Many customers need employee lockers to help secure employee possessions and clothing. Lockers are essential for any operation and A Plus Warehouse offers the best.  Customers should consider our extra wide employee lockers for additional storage space.

When you need an employee locker you should come to a distributor you know and trust. A Plus Warehouse has been your source for work benches, steel shelving, cantilever racks, self dumping hoppers and material handling equipment for a decade now – and continue to be a pre-eminent distributor for employee lockers.

Different Types of Lockers

When ordering an employee locker, you want to consider the application. Many customers prefer plastic lockers or corrosion resistant lockers. We stock both of these employee locker families. A Plus Warehouse also goes beyond what the typical distributor sells and provides Wood lockers, Digitech digital lockers and even stainless steel lockers for high tech and food service operations. For convenience we offer most of our employee lockers assembled as well.

Lockers can be challenging to ship as the boxes are a bit awkward. We resolve this issue by having local distribution points. When you order an employee locker from us – it will not travel all the way across the country to get to you. In fact, although our corporate office is in Massachusetts, our valued California customers get many of their lockers shipped from our Midwest or west coast distribution point – keeping the threat of damage to an absolute minimum.

Our highly trained sales staff is ready to help with your requirements. Our people are among the best in the business and have a clear customer focus. Your satisfaction is our #1 job at A Plus Warehouse. As a family owned small business, we understand that your order and satisfaction is the only thing keeping our dedicated staff employed. We do all we can to assure you will be satisfied with your employee locker order or any order for that matter.

Different Materials

We sell  employee lockers with legs and without legs. We sell lockers made from metal, stainless steel, wood, plastic and metal wood hybrid style. The metal and wood hybrid style comes from the genius of Hallowell. Wood lockers are expensive and difficult to fabricate. Steel lockers are inexpensive, but not as aesthetically pleasing as wood. Hallowell came up with the great idea to take steel components, and glue on attractive wood veneers. The resulting locker looks wood, but the secret is that the internal structure is metal. We have been selling hybrid lockers from the start. We were on of the first dealers to put hybrid lockers online. We are always looking to add products to our offering. This makes buying from A Plus Warehouse a more intelligent decision.

A Plus Warehouse is your right choice right now!!

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